Texas Department of Agriculture
GO TEXAN Pavilion

Enhancing an institution at
State Fair of Texas


The GO TEXAN Pavilion is a cornerstone of the State Fair of Texas. It features Texas-based products and services and is a popular destination for fair visitors. So much so that over 300,000 visitors pass through the Pavilion each year. The Texas Department of Agriculture came to Cultivate to help refresh the look, build a good wayfinding plan moving forward for multiple years to update signage to push a better visitor experience. New maps and giveaways and flow analytics were also introduced.

Wine Garden Entrance
Front of the GO TEXAN Pavilion
Updated Map Layout
Illustration changed with the overall theme of the fair
Sponsorship Booklet


The result was a more cohesive GO TEXAN Pavilion moving forward and the ability to track visitors and sales from the Pavilion store.  The new exterior building signage pushed more visitors to easily recognize the GO TEXAN pavilion.

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