Texas Youth Livestock & Agriculture

Where urban meets rural


Less than two percent of our population is directly involved in production agriculture. This leaves a large majority removed from where their food comes from and even more curious about how food gets to their tables. Since it is well documented early education and interactions can impact one’s perspectives and trust, Texas Youth Livestock & Agriculture knew there was an opportunity to pair current 4-H members with students in urban schools with no exposure to agriculture to build connections and start having conversations about modern agriculture.

The mission: create a positive environment for those directly involved in agriculture and those who aren’t to find common ground and share their own experiences and knowledge together. Everyone eats. Everyone has knowledge and experience to share.

With their mission established, the Norman Borlaug Youth in Agriculture Program launched an academic enrichment program for outstanding high school students in Texas. High schoolers in the program have an immersive experience where urban and rural youth work together to solve complex challenges in our state, requiring those with different backgrounds to share their experiences and perspectives.

Cultivate’s goal: Create materials to reach urban and rural audiences to spark interest in the inaugural program, starting with a printed and digital flyer. Creative assets were needed, designed to represent the core values of agriculture while still relating to those removed from the industry.

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Helping bridge the urban-rural divide through common ground and sharing agriculture’s diverse story.

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The inaugural class of 35 students from both rural and urban backgrounds merged to create friendships centered around making a difference. In addition to the life-long friendships, experiences and knowledge gained in the program, each participating youth also received a $2,500 educational grant courtesy of the program’s many sponsors.