The Right Message at the Right Time Delivers Engagement

Understand the power of a timely message.

What’s the most impactful advice you’ve ever received? Often, it’s the message that resonated with you at just the right moment, offering guidance or perspective when you needed it most. Your brand can have a similar effect on your audience if you know the right time to deliver the right message. Let’s explore how timely messaging strategies can offer valuable insights for your agricultural brand or anyone seeking to enhance audience engagement!

Cultivate Community- Know your audience!

The right message at the right time will only receive engagement when you have the right audience. Learning your demographics will help you understand who you are communicating with, what their needs are, and how you can be a service to them.  On top of knowing your target audience’s demographics, building authentic relationships with them will boost your engagement. Whether you choose to engage with your clients at tradeshows or online, by knowing your audience, your brand can tailor its messaging and deliver content or services that resonate with them. Creating a space where you can have direct conversations, share experiences, and collaborate with clients can strengthen your relationships and attract new people who share your values.

What is compelling content?

  • Compelling content should be visually appealing; most people are scrolling and usually skimming text. Using graphics or images can help break the scrolling cycle and pull them into your message.

  • Be mindful not to overdo your feed. Posting too much in a short period of time can drive people away.

  • Know your audience’s purpose. For example, suppose you are communicating with more serious farmers or people involved in agriculture, your message might strike more with them if you incorporate data and use a logos approach.

  • Look at the channels you’re communicating through, is your target audience using more traditional channels such as mail, newspapers, magazines, and radio? Or are they more present on digital channels like social media, TV commercials, and email?

  • End it with a call or action, question, or encourage them to share or save it for later.


When is the right time?

When it comes to crafting the right message, consider the timing of current events, holidays, or trends. Aligning your messaging with what is at the forefront of people’s minds can create engagement. Whether it be a fun trend your company can participate in, or there is a serious matter, knowing what is going on around you should determine the type of message you’re putting out. Imagine your company has just developed an innovative fertilizer, and your clients are gearing up for the upcoming planting season. To maximize the effectiveness of your promotion, introduce your new product to them before they start planting.

Lastly, take a look at your past engagement times on social media. Your audience is online at different hours throughout the day, don’t be afraid to experiment with posting at different times and see which can get your optimal engagement.

As you navigate through your marketing strategies just remember, timing holds the key to delivering messages that resonate.