Nikki Jones

Director of Operations

Kind, Loyal, Straightforward

What do Nikki and Mickey Mouse have in common?!

They have a can-do attitude, work to instill confidence in those around them and always put their best foot forward. With so much in common, it’s no wonder the team at Cultivate loves Nikki as much as Minnie and the rest of the gang love Mickey.

It’s just a bonus that Nikki looks up to Mickey in her own right. Her low-key obsession with the Disney character started at an early age, and continues to this day through her daily references to his character and her collection of Mickey Mouse watches.

Nikki strives to lead her team with a chipper, understanding attitude in her role as director of operations. She helps provide solutions to problems, and stands ready to cheer everyone to victory. Nikki gained her management experience by working for several companies from the ground up in various production-type roles.

As a former East Tennessee State University basketball player, Nikki spends much of her free time watching or playing basketball. Many of her fondest memories are tied to the sport, including how she connected with her husband, Dion. Nikki’s love and faithfulness to Dion and their children radiates off of her, just as Mickey’s does for Minnie and his friends.