Katy Kemp

Director, Branding & Social Strategy

Outgoing, Perceptive, Stubborn

An old soul. A force of change. A deep thinker. These are all ways one could describe Katy.

As a multi-generational agriculturalist, Katy draws on her roots to find ways to propel the agriculture industry forward. She does it not only because she believes in it, but because it is her past, present and future.

Katy serves as the branding and social strategies director for Cultivate. Her primary goal is to help brands identify who they really are through compelling storytelling that is customer centric, building connections between brands and their targets. She does this by helping brands move away from traditional product-offering style marketing into inspiring and moving storytelling about who they are to their customers and why their customers care.

Katy’s ability to see different perspectives helps brands visualize a different approach to marketing strategy. She brings her strengths of strategy, achiever, deliberate and analytical thinking to the table for strategy sessions and drives social media growth.

When not checking social media notifications, Katy and her family own and operate their family farm, built on the hard work of both paternal and maternal generational sides of her family. Each member of her family brings a different perspective and skill to the table when it comes to running their Angus cattle herd.

Like Mary Poppins, Katy does not conform to someone else’s “rulebook,” but instead strives to effect positive change while respecting other’s perspectives. She also has a similar love of travel, photography and cooking. One day, Katy hopes to visit Ireland and Australia.