Josh Smith

Art Director

Insightful, Curious, Clever 

Josh believes in a good mix of “Sully” Sullivan and Mike Wazowski in Monsters, Inc. For him, working hard with his talents means striving to produce the best design language for the client and for Cultivate. He is interdisciplinary and is constantly being asked questions. His goal is to always make Cultivate look like it can hold its own with larger marketing agencies.

In his role as art director for Cultivate, Josh develops new design concepts for clients and nurtures their brands. With an eye for branding and design, Josh helps client identities come to life in multi-media campaigns – whether creating elaborate exhibit displays, large-format print, social graphics, or brand identities, his eye for design and detail help tell inspiring visual stories.

Outside of work, Josh enjoys adventuring with his family. He knows from personal experience, he will never get that time back, so that is about the only thing he takes seriously.