Heather Welper

Production Manager

Introverted extrovert, Self-starter, Uplifting

If Heather won the lottery today, she would probably spend all of her winnings on cows. It makes sense, considering her and her husband enjoy spending time raising and showing livestock together.

Heather brings her scheduling and multi-task management talents to Cultivate to help drive clients’ visions to success and meet deadlines while staying on budget. With an eye for organization and business, she is your go-to when you need to find a printer for a specialty job, the perfect promo item or get the ideal ad placement.

Every team has a dedicated captain who helps lead both defensive and offensive players with the overall goal being to advance and grow the team – that’s Heather for Cultivate. She brings together Connect, Plan, Create, and Design for each project to keep the entire Cultivate team moving forward collectively. Heather makes sure tasks are met and progressed for each project, oversees their handoff from one player on the team to the next, and makes sure the job doesn’t get derailed while also considering ways to grow revenue. 

Outside of Cultivate, Heather puts her ability to multi-task and juggle multiple businesses to use as a part-owner with her mom in their PEMF therapy for livestock business, 3B MagnaWave. Heather and her husband, Calvin, also have their own Shorthorn cattle herd they started together after marrying in 2019.

With so many moving parts to her life and her desire to make a difference, it is no wonder Heather’s favorite Disney character is Mulan. Heather admires the princess because she’s not afraid to do what it takes to get a task done and does not have to rely on anyone but herself.