Cactus Cares
Employee Kit

Bringing a Campaign to Life with Print


Cactus Feeders established its 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Cactus Cares, committed to feeding a hungry world, starting with family, friends, and neighbors. With a strong brand identity, mission, story and launch campaign set to roll out, printed elements were created to help reinforce brand awareness.

A reusable lunch sack that housed the opportunity guide was given to all employees as both a introduction to the nonprofit initiative and hopefully a reminder day in and day out

The goal of the internal awareness campaign was to keep a constant reminder for employees that they have an active role in this nonprofit and how it impacts their communities.

The opportunity guide was placed inside the reusable lunch sack along with a volunteer pledge form and given out to Cactus employees at the initial Cactus Cares launch meetings
Break room posters with a tear-off pad of volunteer pledge forms


The launch was a huge success for Cactus Cares and set a good foundation for the nonprofit to grow awareness and participation. Employees have stepped up to take active roles in their communities.