Anna Bridwell

Account Executive

Adventurous, Competitive, Hard-headed

What happens when you hire a trained interior designer to manage client accounts for a marketing agency?

You get an extremely detail-oriented, understanding and creative leader like Anna! Anna’s interior design degree from Oklahoma State University and extensive experience in the printing industry gives her an eye for details, allowing her to serve Cultivate’s clients even better. 

As an account executive, Anna communicates with clients, ensuring their vision becomes a reality. A majority of her day is spent managing and engaging clients, digital media and developing their marketing plans.

When Anna is not at work, she helps run a hot shot company with her husband and takes every opportunity to travel. If she could be any Disney character, she would choose Aladdin so she could travel everywhere on a flying carpet and have a genie grant all of her vacation wishes. Her bucket list vacation spots include places like Alaska and New Zealand.

Anna loves to play games, like poker and trivia, swim, and embroider and cross stitch.